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We’re passionate about empowering executives to become creative leaders, unlocking the full potential of their teams’ creativity and innovation.

We’re passionate about empowering executives to become creative leaders, unlocking the full potential of their teams’ creativity and innovation.



Our Design Thinking+ workshops feature an elevated version of Design Thinking, including training on overcoming cognitive biases, leveraging abductive reasoning, and learning intercultural competencies to unlock breakthrough innovations.


Cognitive biases are the unconscious mental barriers hindering creativity during brainstorming sessions.


The heart of Design Thinking+ lies in the unique ability of abductive reasoning, imagining things that do not yet exist and turning them into tangible realities.


We have integrated high-level creative working skills commonly used in advertising agencies to enhance creative outcomes.


Training in intercultural competencies is essential to reap the benefits of diverse cultural backgrounds among participants.


  • Hello Design Thinking+

    Learn the foundational concepts and tools of Design Thinking+ and how to approach problem-solving in an empathetic, user-centered way to create the values your customers actually need.

  • Design Thinking+ Advanced

    Unlock truly innovative ideas by applying Design Thinking+ in our extended workshop. Overcome cognitive biases and transform your problem-solving approach.

  • Breakthrough Innovations with Design Thinking+

    Unlock the full potential of Design Thinking+ by overcoming cognitive biases and mastering abductive reasoning. Develop ideas that go beyond the limits of your current imagination and achieve breakthrough innovations.

  • Masterclass: Cognitive Biases in Design Thinking

    This is a workshop for Design Thinking experts who want to learn how to overcome cognitive bias in Design Thinking applications and create significantly better outcomes than incremental innovations.

  • Masterclass: Abductive Reasoning

    With our expert guidance, dive into the complexities of human reasoning and unlock your boundless imagination with mastering abductive reasoning. Learn to transform even the most impossible ideas into reality.

  • Create your breakthrough Innovation with Design Thinking+.

    Turn your vision into reality with our tailor-made Design Thinking+ Workshop. From organizational change to breakthrough product or service creation, we make dreams come true.



Creative leadership is not only the key to unlocking the full potential of your team, but it’s also crucial for fostering a culture of creativity and innovation within your organization.

By developing the skills to become an authentic, visionary, and empowering leader, you can navigate the ever-changing business landscape and lead your team to success, even in the face of uncertainty. This type of leadership can inspire your team to think outside the box and drive the growth of your business in new and exciting directions.


  • Designing winning Strategies

    Elevate your business to new heights by learning to design effective and value-creating strategies. Learn how to combine traditional business knowledge with innovative, creative methods to achieve success.

  • Designing successful Businesses

    Discover how to make your business desirable to customers, financially viable for stakeholders, and feasible to build and deliver to the world in our workshop.

  • Storytelling for Leaders

    It’s not about you; it’s about your audience. Transform facts, ideas, statistics, experiences, and information into stories, craft speeches, and presentations that motivate and inspire.

  • From Ideas To Action

    Learn how to turn your final idea into a reality. Discover the key elements of a successful marketing plan, how to create a realistic budget, and how to design and deliver a persuasive pitch that convinces your audience to take action.

  • Leading with Design Thinking+

    Learn how to integrate the mindset and process of Design Thinking+ into your corporate culture and daily business practices to foster organizational change and achieve breakthrough outcomes.

  • The Resilience Mindset

    Discover the power of resilience. This survival strategy mindset enables individuals to stay one step ahead of others. Learn the foundations of this unique agile mindset and transform it into your competitive advantage.


MBA in Creative Leadership

Studies in Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York about Creative Leadership.Thesis: What is – still – blocking you from innovating with Design Thinking?

Certified Design Thinking Coach

Extensive professional training for over two years to obtain certification as a Design Thinking coach from HPI, the preeminent organization for Design Thinking in Europe.

Owner of the first Multicultural Advertising Agency in Germany

Cumin has delivered comprehensive multicultural advertising services to renowned brands in Germany, including Deutsche Bank, Telefonica, Bosch, and Vodafone.

Coaching for Radical Innovation and Creative Leadership

AKINDUYAR offers a comprehensive approach to unlocking the power of radical innovation and creative leadership.

Owner of the leading License Agency for Turkish TV Rights

Medit represents major Turkish TV channels and provides their content worldwide to various platforms, such as Vodafone, Canal+, Free, SFR, Deutsche Telekom, and 1 & 1.